We save trees and soil

We save trees and soil (PDF)


CarniHerba company, member of Zares group, has been providing gardening services already for more than sixteen years. Since its establishment in May 1991 the company has gone through a dynamic development of the gardening market, through the transformation of the business environment and through forming and growing of the clients´ demands. The continuing innovation goes along with these changes, the CarniHerba innovates all of its gardening activities. More than sixteen years long history has formed the structure of the company; its personal constitution and the technical equipment.

CarniHerba company is the member of Zares group. Besides the CarniHerba company, other two subsidiary corporations belong to the group. These companies are active in different gardening branches:

RHAPIS, spol. s r.o.

RHAPIS, spol. s r.o. – flower arranging is its main activity – operation of six flower store chains RHAPIS in Bratislava and Trenčín (,

PLANTAGO, spol. s r.o.

PLANTAGO, spol. s r.o. the main activity is import/export of coniferous and broadleaved species and trees; producing of coniferous and broadleaved species and trees from its own growth (

Along with the profile of the CarniHerba company, which main activity is “realization of outplanting and gardening services”, the Zares group composes integrated structure covering all gardening fields in order to provide its customers first class services realized with its own capacities, with minimum subsuppliers activities, with an emphasis to the quality and deadline observance. We offer a complex of services, starting with projection of plantation layout, preparation of the surface – groundwork, installation of irrigation systems, outplanting, grounding lawn carpets, maintenance training and long-term service of the garden and irrigation.

At present, CarniHerba company, member of Zares group, has got 28 regular employees, who are ready to fulfil the most various requirements of the clients. The company commands machine and transportation pool adjusted to the character of the company’s main activity. Number of successfully realized projects in the past season are the company’s image (see the selection of references )

Every realized job is a new challenge and other impulse for us to increase the quality.

Thanks goes to you, our customers. Thank you for your 23 year long trust in our services. The variety of your requirements, together with the natural entity of our company – gardening, brings the Carniherba company, the member of Zares group, every day new challenges to professional and technical growth.

Thank you in advance for an opportunity for cooperation and we are looking forward to our shared view into the future.